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sobota 7. ledna 2012

Nanotechnologické víno

...mikrovlnka cinkla a pak se starý vinař pomalu rozvážně oběsil.
Based on the principles of nano encapsulation, the drink is actually composed of millions of molecule-sized flavor capsules in it, which can be activated by microwave to release different flavors of particles, so as to endow the wine with different tastes and looks. The product is a part of “Next Nature” studio’s “Nano Supermarket”, a storefront of speculative nanotech products capable of being mass produced within the next ten years.

OLPC uvede tablet

One Laptop Per Child to nevzdává:
"We're proud to introduce the XO 3.0 tablet, showcasing the design, durability and performance features that make it a natural successor for our current laptops, which have been distributed to more than 2.4 million children in 42 countries and in 25 languages," said Edward McNierney, chief technology officer of One Laptop per Child.
A bude na tom Android.

„My dad is elsewhere in the universe, and I haven't heard from him“

Pronásledování obchodního cestujícího

Už hodně dlouho jsem si neobjednal v zahraničí papírovou knížku, dávám přednost e-bookům, ale tahle pro Kindle není, takže místo bitů projednou zas přijdou atomy.

[In Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman: Mathematics at the Limits of Computation by William J. Cook.]